Mediterranean Land-surface Processes Assessed from Space (Regional Climate Studies).

This book is the result of two workshops held back-to-back in Casablanca at which scientists from all over the Mediterranean area and from Africa reported and compared their results on the analysis and interpretation on climatological data and on empirical process studies. This resulted in a comprehensive presentation on climate variability and climatic trends within the Mediterranean basin and of certain African regions. The interdependencies of the Mediterranean climate and the global climate system are discussed as well as the processes linking the atmosphere, sea, and land masses.

Finally, aprognosis shows how research projects may in the futures interact to fill gaps in our knowledge and merge their results into an intergrative  understanding of the complexe “Mediterranean system” and its socio-economical implications.

 Bolle, H.-J.; Eckardt, M.; Koslowsky, D.; Maselli, F.; Melia Miralles, J.; Menenti, M.; Olesen, F.-S.; Petkov, L.; Rasool, S.I.; Griend, A. (Eds.)